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August 22th - 2004:

www.bombsinsidewtc.dk have been updated.

- "Foredrag/Speech" have been updated.

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang

Danish scientist and author

February 13th - 2004:

www.bombsinsidewtc.dk have been updated.

- I have added a link.

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang

Danish scientist and author

February 5th - 2004:

www.bombsinsidewtc.dk have been updated.

- "Foredrag/Speech" have been updated.

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang

Danish scientist and author

January 20th - 2004:

www.bombsinsidewtc.dk have been redesigned.

- New design.
- The text has been set up more professional.
- The site is more user-friendly.

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang

Danish scientist and author

January 31th - 2003:

Breaking News!

When I was loading up old and new videomaterial for my coming "2003 video doc." on the Sept.11 Terror Attack - I suddenly discovered TWO NEW perfect Video Evidences.
These two new video evidences will be shown on my next Video release
together with many other evidences.

This is what I just DISCOVERED:


The FBI and the Medias deliberate FAKED the TIMELINE
of many "Pre-Collapse- Explosion- events" at the WTC - in order to
cover up, that "BOMBS inside" and "BOMBS below" the WTC were
detonated at Streetlevel and in the BASEMENT- PRIOR to both the Tower collapses.

We already have many evidences of this ,........
- but last week I found ,.....TWO New:

A New Video Discovery from "abc?" - shows that a journalist man (and a female abc-journalist!?) are running up the street - away from the WTC, and finally ends up hiding behind a car .

QUESTION: Why did they run away from the WTC ?

The Media showed this video on Sept.11 and told us all , that these persons on the video ran away from WTC because the Tower had just begun collapsing.

That is a Lie !

They ran away because they heard an explosion and saw the dust cloud from this detonation taking place at STREET LEVEL.
The dust cloud came from a bomb detonated at the Street Level (or below) - and certainly not from the falling Tower debris ! (Because at this point both towers were still standing)

The medias did not play the original soundtrack of these BOMBS being detonated. The Medias CENSORED both the PICTURES and the SOUND
of this particular clip.

I have seen this "run away journalist clip" mixed into other WTC collapse sequences. Both ABC/CNN and many other TV stations made this fake-mix.

They are deliberately FAKING the Videorecord and the TIMELINE of the WTC events !

I found a special version of the Clip were the "editors" forgot to "cut away"
in their "video mix" ,...... which mean that in a second or two at the end of the Clip,.....the camera is "panning from behind a Car", and in the direction from North towards South,..............and there you go:


They were NOT running away from falling Tower debris
No, they ran away from,........ a Huge BOMB detonated at STREET LEVEL !

Another Clip with huge dustclouds from the PRIOR EXPLOSIONS at the WTC STREET LEVEL - also shows People running away from the WTC

MEDIA-MANIPULATION of videoclip #2:
Also this clip was FAKED by the MEDIAS.
They did not want the TV viewers to understand that this was an additional

This clip#2 showed a Dust cloud from at BOMB detonated at Street Level
But the medias mixed this clip ALONG with OTHER collapse Sequences - so that they FIRST showed the Tower collapsing with debris falling , and then they MIXED IN and "put in" the said "other Clip#2" along with their COLLAPSE sequences. (That is deliberately faking the evidence)

Consequence of this Manipulation:
All the TV viewers were manipulated to believe that the people they saw running on the street were running away from the fallling TOWER debris.

But they were not !

They were running away from a BOMB just being detonated at Streetlevel.

I have measured the DURATION of the clip (in seconds) and the EVIDENCE is indisputable.
If we compare with other videoclips from the Real collapse of 2WTC then
we can prove that the "real debris-cloud" generated from the Tower collapse
filled the "NAMED Street",.... Totally with SMOKE from Debris in less than 5 seconds. ( I can tell this for sure because I followed and AMBULANCE moving in the Streets,.......the ambullance arrived just as the 2WTC collapsed
and the driver managed to back away,............before the debris cloud hit it. My calculation is indisputable and correct) WATCH the video !

On the OTHER clip (That with the Explosion) the firefighters and other spectators had more than 25 seconds - before the CLOUD reached them.
And you can even see a man with a camera ,....WALKING BACK,.....
He walked back because this Dust cloud was not in rapid motion.
Around him were numerous of other persons who did not run away
Had this been falling debris - then the cloud would have hit them in less than 5 seconds. Eyewitness have explained that the dustclouds from falling Tower debris created a rapid "dust speed" of up to 50 mph close to WTC.
But the clip#2 dust cloud moved very slow because it was not caused by falling debris.

The real "Tower collapse DEBRIS Cloud" was in rapid motion when it hit the street. Some say that it went as fast as 80km/hour (No man can run that fast)

But the "dust cloud from the EXPLOSION" (clip#2) in contrary was VERY slow and not dangerous at all , because nothing had collapsed yet.

This clearly shows that the FBI/MEDIAS covered up that BOMBS were detonated at Streetlevel ,...........several seconds (or minutes?) BEFORE the collapse !
One or more CAMERAMEN must be involved in this Scam,..........or they are
more stupid than the POLICE allows one to be !!!??

Please circulate this astonishing NEW Video Timeline EVIDENCE !

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang

Danish scientist and author

September 12th - 2002:

Breaking News!

New Realtime "Clock Watch" evidence
Jules and Gedeon Naudets just released FDNY Video , now fully contradicts FBI´s official record of "Flight 77", that allegedly crashed down at the Pentagon ca. 9:36AM? - 9:43AM?
(The above Timeline is the official record of the faked FBI "Timetable of events").

Melvang now calls for "Promptly Court Action" against the "Secret Service" , "FBI/CIA" and the "Mossad" for their direct involvement in the Sept.11, 2001, Terror Bombing in the USA.

As the highest "official" US Authority the "US Government" must now be prepared to face several Law Suits initiated from the Pentagon- and WTC Victims and their families.

The 9:30AM "ClockWatch evidence"(From Naudets FDNY Video)
In the Naudets Video documentary numerous of evidences, that contradicts the official version of the event can be found. I´m not going to discuss it all in this "Press Release", but I will present the "Timeline evidence" detected. An "Impirical EVIDENCE", that once and for all concludes that the "OFFICIAL RECORD" of "Flight 77" was faked in order to incriminate the alleged Pilot Hani Hanjour and the other alleged Arab Hijackers on that plane. This manipulation was done to cover up the involvement of "other parties", by misusing the "Arab Scapegoat matrix".
It can now once and for all be proven, that the so must talked about Flight77 never crashed at the
Pentagon. Why is that so ? :
Before Sept.11, 2002 - I among others - were in possession of the following Timeline evidences:

1) Telegrams on Sept.11 and Sept.12 said that a ""Bomb explosion" occurred at 9:30AM
2) Several American Eyewitnesses also confirmed this timeline: 9:30AM
3) Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller was also an eyewitness to the event and he said:
"I saw FIRE and Smoke rising up from Pentagon at ca. 9:32AM"
PSM: "I think a BOMB just blew up at the Pentagon - but nobody believed me"
4) Pentagons own "Clock watch" in the West section stopped at 9:30AM

These evidences are excellent !
But yesterday , in the evening of Sept.11, 2002 , as I watched the "World Premiere" of the much
talked about "French Naudets Brothers" Sept11, 2001 "FDNY Documentary" I found astonishing
NEW Timeline Evidence.
The "Clock Watch" at the New York FireStation Wall showed 9:30AM
(When "Tony the rookie" received the message that "PENTAGON had just been bombed")

This is what was filmed by Naudet:

The Scene is at the Local FireStation.
Tony (the Rookie) sits alone at the FireStation and answers the telephone. At the same time
He is watching TV (CNN?) Suddenly the NEWS telegram from Pentagon comes in.
Tony now repeats the telegram from TV: They Bombed Pentagon !
Above Tony´s head there is a huge black and white "Clock Watch" mounted on the FireStation Wall. And the Clock Watch says:


This is a "REALTIME EVIDENCE" that can not be contradicted !

Now we know that the Official Record of Flight77 was faked in order to cover up the existence of Secret BOMBS detonated inside the Pentagon. Flight77 did not crash down at Pentagon.
Secret Bombs inside Pentagon did the job. Besides the bombs a Secret Missile and smaller jets or Helicopters or Carbombs could also have been used. But not Flight77,…… WHY not ? Because: 9:43AM minus 9:30AM = 13 minutes. And 13 minutes in a Boeing with a cruising speed of circa 800km/h equals a distance of more than 173 KM - away from the Pentagon.
So the "9:30 Timeline" alone makes the Plane Crash impossible !

Not even GOD himself can remove 13 minutes from the World History
But what God can not do ,………They can inside the FBI !

This newly discovered "REALTIME Timeline Evidence" should PROMPTLY call for a "Court Action" against the real Perpetrators of the Terror Attack.

Other "Timeline EVIDENCES" discovered :
The WTC "Southtower", Collapsed at 9:50AM
(We did not get LIVE pictures of the Collapse from New York)

A month ago I found several new evidence, that the "TV Transmitted pictures" (on Sept.11)
were not always real "LIVE Pictures" (from New York)
Danish TV2 showed pictures from the Collapse of the 2WTC "Southtower" at 9:59AM
(You can tell that it was 9:59 because the TV2 Digital Studio watch said 15:59 (Danish time))
But in their official record of the collapse the "TV2" among many others, still claimed that the
Collapse of 2WTC first took place at 10:05AM (recently TV2 changed this to 9:59?-10:05?)

In a Newly produced BBC Documentary (which original Title is so far unknown to me)
NEW evidence concerning the faked Tower Collapse Timeline was presented.
The BBC documentary was produced by "Molly" from BBC, and shown on Danish TV
(TV2 "DAGS DATO - Special" Sept. 9, 2002 (Monday evening) )

The BBC Documentary was designed to give a "Minute by Minute" presentation of the
Events that Occurred on Sept.11, 2001.
At the bottom of the TV Screen , BBC sometimes added a "ticking" red Digital Clock Watch
(just as in the TV series "24 Hours")

When we came to the Towercollapse scene of 2WTC Southtower the digital Clock said:


(Today FBI says 10:05AM - recently changed by some sources to 9:59?-10:00-10:05?)

The faking of the Timetable with respect to the Collapse of 2WTC was made to manipulate the following aspects:

1) Saying 10:05 would give the 2WTC more than 1 hour burntime before collapse.
So this timeline was faked to support the phoney "Fire alone - Collapse Theory".
2) Also the "Time of Collapse" was moved from 9:50 to 10:05 to cover up the detonation
of a secret BOMB deep down under 6WTC , which occured at 10:05AM.
We know that, because the "Clock Watch" in the 6WTC Cellar stopped at 10:05.
The detonation under 6WTC left back a huge deep crater, that FBI can not explain.
FBI tried to get an "Alternative explanation" to the Clock Stop at 10:05.
Instead of admitting the Bomb in the Cellar, they just said:
It must have been caused by some falling debris from the Collapse of the 2WTC Southtower instead.
(therefore they changed the Time to 10:05 in order to make it fit)

Besides these "NEW" 9:50 Timeline evidences we have known for more than 11 months that:

Newsweek reported in their Magazine after Sept.11 , that the 2WTC collapsed at 9:50AM
(and since we know that Newsweeks headquarter is located on Manhattan we must say
that it will be almost impossible for them to print 9:50AM - if it took place at 10:05)

BBC have also sometimes reported 9:50

Several Internetpages have long reported 9:50

DR1 (Danish TV) Reported 9:50AM - in their "Late News" on Sept.11 , 2001.

So also this evidence should be taken to Court !

Continued on the next pages

Newly discovered "Secret Missiles":

A man on the Internet known as "Streaking Object" claimed that he had seen a "Secret Missile"
hitting the WTC Complex on Sept.11, 2001 (just as plane 2 impacted with 2WTC at ca. 9:03)
He said that he had seen the Missile while watching a "FOX TV transmission"

I knew that I had recorded more than 800 hours of TV docs concerning Sept.11 - so I felt that
if the missile had really been shown on TV ,……. I may also be able to find it !?
In June 2002 I went through all the videotapes to see if I could spot the "secret missile".
And YES,……suddenly there it was !
No doubt the missile was there !
It came into the picture from the top left corner and moved fast across the screen until it left the
Picture again - in the lower right corner of the screen.
In "SLOWMOTION" the Missile is visible in more than 5 "Video FRAMES".

I have named this particular missile the "Streaking-FOX-GAMMA-Missile"
"Streaking" because Mr. Streaking found it
"FOX" because he saw it on FOX TV
"GAMMA" because GAMMA-PHOTO obtained the Copyright for this clip
PS: The name "Streaking FOX-GAMMA - Missile" is just a trivial name. What type of missile it
actually was - I will leave for the military experts to decide - in Court)

But we have to invent a "trivial name" for it - because here comes the big surprise :

There may even be more than one Missile at the scene at 9:03AM !!??

The discovery of the "FAIRBANKS Missile":
In August I discovered another recording of a "Secret Missile".
It was found on an Evan Fairbanks recording of the Plane2 impact at 2WTC.
If this "Fairbanks missile" is the same as the "FOX missile" is difficult to say.
They come from almost the same direction and travels in the almost same direction.
Perhaps the "Fairbanks missile" is the same as the "FOX missile" ?
Or perhaps there were TWO different missiles that impacted at the WTC complex !?
The "Fairbanks missile" appears to come more from EAST than the "FOX missile"
(But both missiles came from the South and travelled North (or North west)
The "Fairbanks Missile" also appeared to "arrive" ca. 1 second later than the "Fox"

The Fairbanks missile can be detected as a small cylindric object that dives down into
the picture from the top right side of the TV screen and until it disappears in the lower
right side of the Screen. (In Slowmotion it can be seen in 5 VideoFrames)

The "Missile Theory" does in fact make sense:

1) I have discovered some real Live SOUNDrecordings of the Plane 2 Impact at 2WTC.
On these few recordings with real SOUNDTRACK, one can hear 3 BANGING SOUNDS
Not one sound,………but three distinct explosions.
The first sound is the CRASH Sound from plane 2 ´s impact with the Southtower
The next sound is the BOOM (perhaps from the Missile or Bomb !?)
The third sound is the BANG (perhaps the second missile)
Later these SOUNDTRACKS were CENSORED (probably because the 3 bangs
could be heard, and the elite did not want to expose the sound of the missiles
- Since nobody would believe that Bin Laden could have used these missiles)
Listen to the soundtracks added to the Plane 2 impact and you will find out that
these soundtracks are not from the scene, but taken from other videoclips.

2) We know from the official Fire reports that 6WTC/ 7WTC caught unexplained fire that

3) If you watch Live pictures from WTC between ca. 9:10Am and 9:30AM
You will see a huge "smoke cloud" rising up from the street level close to 6WTC and
7WTC (and this takes place long before any of the Towers had collapsed)

4) New York Times told us that inside the 7WTC a secret CIA base was located at the
9th and 10th floor of the 7WTC. (Source: Thierry Meyssan)
Did somebody target this CIA base as a part of a secret Shadow Government attack on
the legal and authorised command centrals in the USA !?
- Basicly all Millitary Power centers of the USA was under attack or under threat on Sept11
-Pentagon was attacked
-WTC /CIA Base was attacked
-Rudy Gulianis Crisis manegment center was put on Fire
-Air Force One was under threat
-White House was under threat
-Camp David was under threat
-State Department was under threat
-Bush was evacuated
-Cheney was evacuated
-The Speaker of The House of Representatives was evacuated.
-And the entire Military Command of USA was transferred to "Chayenne Mountain"
which was later "locked up" due to a threat from an alleged Yellow truck with 7 arabs !?
(say no more !)
The entire official Powers System of the USA was basicly "trapped".
This scenario is totally identical with the secret 5th Column task Force take over that is
Portrayed in the Movie "Terror in the White House" (from 1998).
Outline of the 1998 Movie PLOT:
The Shadow General, Mr. General Metzger takes over control with a Secret Taskforce
(Analogy: "Secret Service" took over the presidential power on Sept11,2001)
Hassid (the Arab Terrorist leader) (Bin Laden Analogy) gets all the blame for a Bomb-
Detonation which was actually planned/detonated in secrecy by Metzgers own Taskforce.
This plot was made to legitimate a heavy US military action against Hassids camp.
(Analogy: WAR on Terror , War in Afghanistan, against Al-Queada/Taliban/BinLaden)

I´m 100% confident that a secret coup actually took place in the USA on Sept.11, 2001

And it was easy to cover up the traces of the coup because the involved parties did
nothing to prevent it, and the Medias didn´t investigate it - nor reported about it.

Actually the movie "Terror in the White House" ends up with a picture of a CNN correspondent, that tells the entire World, that no Coup had happened and that everything is O.K. (Exactly as what happened after Sept.11)

For more information about all this - please contact Henrik Melvang

I have already produced more than 12 hours of video documentary, and I´m about
to write a New book about it too.

Best Regards

Henrik Melvang
Danish scientist and author

Copyright: Henrik Melvang 2002-2005