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How to become a video distributor

When you order a PAL or NTSC version of our 4 hours video
- then this video copy now becomes your own private "MASTERTAPE" (for your copy production).
If you sign a distributor agreement with us - you can make
"EXTRA VHS copies" (which you can sell in your home state or anywhere else in the world).
You can sell the video via the internet, or you can use any other legal marketing tool that you decide (as long as it is legal).
You will have to solve any local "Tax-problems" etc.
Also you will have to make sure that your video sales business is 100% legal.

"Unmask Production" will offer you the LICENSE to produce Extra copies for the following amount of "Royalty fees" :

License fee for 1 extra copy: € 7 (Euro)
License fee for 3 extra copies: EURO 18
License fee for 10 extra copies: EURO 50

The distributor must pay for all marketing and production costs concerning the sale/production of this 4 hours video.
All costs for VCR, VHS tapes, Video cover , Labels etc. and
any costs for advertising , electricity etc. must be paid by
the distributor.
The paper copy costs for the 11 pages A4 English video index must also be paid by the distributor. (we suggest
that you sell the video including this 11 pages video index
- since many clients have reported that these papers are
very informative etc.)

To obtain the license you must first purchase your own "MASTER-COPY Tape":
Price: PAL tape = 55 Euro and NTSC tape = 65 Euro.
(PS: The first copy you purchase automatically becomes your own Master Copy. So you only invest Euro 55 or 65 )
Then you must later also pay the license fee.
You shall not pay any license before you have sold your first
copy. When you have sold your first copy you must decide
if you want the pay for the license of 1, 3 or 10 extra copies.
And this license fee shall be prepaid 10 days after you have sold your first copy of the tape.

"Unmask Production" deserves the right to CANCELL any distributor agreement at any time if we wish to do so.
(we will pay back your license fees - in case you have a license fee credit in your favour)
We will not cancell the sales that you have already made, but we will decide if the arrangement can go on. This is our sole decission, and the distributors can not argue against our decission - no matter what conduct (good or bad) the distributor have made.
As "small Distributor" you can only obtain license for maximum 10 copies at a time.
We hope to extend the number of license copies with any distributor.
It is our hope that you will sell hundreds perhaps thousands of copies of this important 4 hours video about Sept.11 , but at this moment we can not authorize more than 10 license copies each time.
There is nothing at the moment that prohibits that you can ask for 10 more license copies when you have sold the first 10 copies. And as it is right now we will offer you as many license copies as possible.
But several "Worldly Publishers" have recently contacted us and asked us to produce a special 90 minutes video version, which they will sell in the shops.
These new publishing contracts are now being negotiated, and that is the only reason why we have to license only 10 copies at a time, just in case that we run into any copyright problems with these publishers etc.

(We hope you understand all this)
(If you have any questions - then please write us)


Copyright: Henrik Melvang 2002-2005