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My Other Products

VHS nr. 1 "Afsløring APOLLO" (del 1) The unmasking of NASA´s "Apollo Project".
(Attention: Danish version , 4 Hours VHS, PAL).
Dkr 199,- / US$ 30,-

Magazine nr. 1
"Unmask NEWS" (Vol 1)
(Danish & International version circa 50 pages)
Dkr 29,95 / US$ 10.-

Book no. 1:
"John Doe 3:16 - på kanten af Lunas rand" (En dokumentarisk roman af Henrik Melvang)
Bind 1 : 185 sider på dansk (BEMÆRK A4 format) (OBS: Dette bind er kun første del ud af tre bind)
(Only available in danish no foreign translation yet).

Book no. 2:
"Game Over - the definitive book about Jehovahs Witnesses". A documentary about the "Watchtower Society". 376 pages (All in english text)
Dkr 199,- / US$ 30,-

Book no. 3:
"Game Over" (The spanish translation) 376 pages. Only a "photo-copied" version (with text in spanish).
US $ 50,-

Book no. 4:
"From Dark Age to Cyberspace" 290 pages.
The ultimate book about the world history - seen from the eyes of a person, who spotted the evil matrix of the ancient conspiracy, and its links to modern times.
(Only available in english)
DKr.299,- / US$ 50,-

Book no. 5:
"Houston - You got a problem ! " - 269 hard evidences which proves , that NASA faked all the Apollo Moonlandings in 1969-1972, and that Neil Armstrong never sat his foot on the Lunar surface.
(640 pages) (only in english)
(This is the book which explains the physics behind a spacerocket. Unmasking the many errors in modern rocket science).
DKr. 399,- / US$ 50,-

If you wish to order some of the products, then please write me at melvang@unmask.dk
Indland: Alle priser includerer porto og ekspedition.
Foreign orders: All prices includes air-mail postages - delivered directly at your door.


Copyright: Henrik Melvang 2002-2005